Switching to Analog output with Emu 0404

Discussion in 'MAC OS X Driver' started by billmaudit, Jun 17, 2009.

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    As listed in edspctrl, my output seems to be on SPDIF but I want to use analog output
    ==== E-mu E-DSP initialization
    ==== FPGA appears to be already programmed
    ==== Dock is not connected
    ==== Current E-DSP status
    Card: 'E-0404 10k2 [cc00]'
    Options: 1 - Hamoa   
    Hana ID: 55
    Versions: 1.0, 127.127, 127
    Dock is Powered-On. [0x7f]
    WClock: 0 [Int 48]
    Def clock: 48000
    HANA is Muted
    HANA IRQs: f
    SPDIF mode [10]:
    	Out: Consumer
    	In: Consumer; Not Valid
    Optical Type: [1] -- Input: ADAT, Output: SPDIF
    MIDI In: 0202, dock1 [31]
    MIDI Out: 8
    LEDs: 7f 7f 7f
    ADC pads: 7f - Dock_1 Dock_2 Dock_3 0202_1 
    DAC pads: 7f - Dock_1 Dock_2 Dock_3 Dock_4 0202_1 
    Dock misc: [7f] DAC mute: 1111 headphones: 7
    ADAT Unlocked
    SPDIF Locked : 36408
    BNC Locked : 21333
    SPDIF Locked : 6000
    reg 14-1f:[7f] [7f] [7f] [7f] [7f] [7f] [7f] [7f] [7f] [7f] [7f] [7f] 
    reg 30-3f:[7f] [7f] [7f] [7f] [7f] [7f] [7f] [7f] [7f] [7f] [7f] [7f] [7f] [7f] [7f] 
    I've tried using kxctrl -link to switch to analog output but with no success.
    Does anybody know how to use the -link switch and how to unmute HANA (if usefull)?

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