TalkTalk Isp Router Questions Speeds Are You With Them ?

Discussion in 'Hardware Discussion & Support' started by ViRuS2k, Feb 17, 2010.

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    Hi there,

    Been ages since i last visited these forums.
    anyway to the point :)

    I use to be with Virgin Media. and my download speeds varied but the max i got with them was 6.99meg on

    now i have recently found out that Talk Talk where doing LLU Unbinding in my exchange and thought i would give it a try.
    even though virgin media tech support said my line is only capable of supporting up to 8meg BB

    well i have changed to them and now here are my surprising results cause i was shocked when i seen them.


    Now then as you can see why i was shocked.
    so far i have been with them for 2 days now and the speed has always been that never droping.. and i have downloaded about 15gig.

    on there systems its showing that im on there essential package but i have told them to move me to there pro unlimited. so that should happen in 2 days.

    are there any talktalk customers on these forums, do you get capped ?
    becuse as far as the talktalk customer support they say you can download on pro as much as you like with some shapeshifting when there busy ect.

    and finaly do any of you guys have spisific router settings to either get faster speeds or to get lower pings.

    i heard that once i have been there for about 10 days i can ask them to change me to 9dbFSNR

    wich is even faster suposidly aswell as them putting me on Fastpath/quickpath.

    any opinions i would love to hear from people with TalkTalk UUL and tell me there experience but so far there tech support i have found out isnt as good as virgin media`s half the time there customer support phone operatives are clueless or you cant understand them because there all from another continent lol

    look forward to hearing experiences and my q`s
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    Virgin Media's ADSL lines are not great as they don't specialise in it. Until BT finish rolling out the fibre lines VM's unrivalled for providing home broadband due to their fibre optic lines.

    I live at the bottom of my road and the closest BT exchange is at the top so our max connection is about 7mb (at best). With VM it's 50mb (though we've currently got 20mb). So yeah, not really much competition there.
  3. Esaz666

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    im on talk talk i run at 8meg it works pretty well,
    don't have many problems,
    sometimes when it gets slow i reset my router.
  4. niceguyrichy

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    yeah, i'm with TalkTalk now.
    after 3 years of being told that cos of where i live the absolute max i could ever hope for is 2mb, i just did a speedtest (ignore the fact it says tiscali, its def talktalk):

    and bear in mind this half 6 in the evening, so it's peak time which tends to slow things down a bit.
    since i changed to talktalk my download speed has gone from a max of 300k, to running @ 8-900k all day long :)

    oh, just btw, officially i pay for a 2mb connection ;)

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