Teenage Engineering's jaw-dropping ‘computer-1’ PC case sells out in minutes

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    One thing you have to know about Teenage Engineering: It. Does. Not. Miss.

    When the Swedish design studio isn’t making wonderfully niche gadgets, such as the Pocket Operators or the OP-1 synthesizer, it’s lending its talents to brands like IKEA to design lamps, or Panic to design the crank-operated Playdate, or Carl Pei and the Nothing Ear (1) wireless earbuds. Teenage Engineering’s next conquest: PC cases.

    If you’ve built a PC case in the last few years, you know that choices are limited. Though plenty of brands, such as Razer, make PC cases, they all look the same: black, rectangular, and with a glass side panel. It’s boring! The computer-1, Teenage Engineering’s first PC chassis, is anything but.

    For starters, the case’s flat-pack design means you have to build it yourself. And it stands out — the case is painted in a vibrant orange RAL 2004 powder-coated finish. The other thing: the PC case is small, built for mini ITX motherboards.

    Source: inputmag

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