Tesla Megapack caught on fire at giant battery project in Australia

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    A Tesla Megapack part of a giant battery project in Victoria, Australia, has caught on fire – creating a blaze that’s almost impossible to control.

    The cause of the fire is currently unknown.

    As we recently reported, Tesla is having a lot of success with the Megapack, a large battery system for utility-scale energy storage projects.

    The automaker achieved record deployment of energy storage last quarter – thanks largely to the Megapack, which is back-ordered until the end of next year.

    Tesla’s energy storage products have been particularly popular in Australia, where the electric grid is in great need of stabilization.

    Its famous “Tesla Big Battery” in partnership with Neoen in South Australia has had a tremendous success that other states are trying to replicate.

    Neoen obtained a new contract to deploy a giant 300 MW/450 MWh battery system using Tesla Megapack in Victoria.

    Source: electrek.co

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