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    I've been keeping tabs on The Abyss off and on for a month or so, and still don't really know what to think of it. In theory it makes sense as the next logical step in game distribution - what with more and more game release platforms cropping up, and cryptocurrency really taking off, albeit somewhat unexpectedly - and maybe The Abyss will become the next big player in the market.

    In short it offers "tokens" as rewards to be spent, sold and exchanged. It aims to prioritise in MMOs but that could well change depending on demand, I guess.

    I've noticed it's a bit too focused on making money for the user. Nothing comes for free, so obviously if you examine deeper you seem to need to spend a lot to make a little, which to me doesn't sound very good. You can buy these Abyss tokens using BTC or ETH... which is already a way to lose some of it's possible audience. Why not allow people to buy into it with cash, therefore giving people the opportunity to take their first steps into cryptocurrency with The Abyss. Instead it's banking on people already having ETH and BTC in their possession

    Another red flag is the minimum buy-in for the pre-sale is 1 ETH. At the moment that is the equivalent of £550/€625/$750USD. Crazy! How many people are going to happily pay that into a massively unknown platform? Surely some of the success of cryptocurrency is down to, despite the future being so uncertertain, the ability to buy-in at a very low price at the very beginning. So rather than offering 2500 tokens for 1 ETH, why not offer the chance to buy less tokens for less money, from the start, and therefore less risk? Once the main sale starts in February 2018 the minimum buy-in will be reduced to 0.1 ETH. I honestly think that could be the downfall for The Abyss and wouldn't be surprised if they lower the minimum amount either during or before the pre-sale.

    All this said, I am very tempted to get involved early doors. How many people have at one point wished they bought some bitcoins when it was still really cheap and unknown? I know I certainly do (and not just for financial gain; I wish I'd been more clued up on cryptocurrency on a whole from the beginning, really, although nobody could have predicted the massive popularity it has now gained) and part of me thinks I could be thinking the same again in years to come when the likes of Steam, Origin, GOG, etc. have petered out and The Abyss is the go-to platform for all digital game releases. Hmm! Tough decision.

    Here's a lot of info copied from the Abyss website. I've spoilered it for length.

    Time for a New Platform
    The Abyss' Advantages for Players
    Platform Structure and Basic Services
    Economics of The Abyss Platform
    Crowdsale and ABYSS tokens

    You can follow The Abyss in quite a few places, such as their website, Twitter, Facebook, Medium, Telegram, GitHub, Discord & LinkedIn.

    I'm also going to post my referral link ( if anyone fancies signing up.

    The token pre-sale is scheduled for "January 2018." The main sale is scheduling for February.

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