The Chevy Suburban HD Is Back But Only for US Government Work

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    General Motors will, at long last, bring back the Chevy Suburban HD. Thing is, it's only for government use as GM Defense was just awarded a $36.4 million development contract by the U.S. Department of State. You can go ahead and put down your checkbook, then, because the general public won't be able to scoop these up for daily driver duties.

    Instead of hauling around kids, these are more likely to transport very important public officials from one very important meeting to the next. The last-generation Suburban HD fulfilled a similar role before its run ended in 2018.

    While we don't know everything about the new Suburban HD, it seems to follow the same formula as the last one. Only the 2500HD variant of that truck was ever available for civilian purchase, and even then it could only be bought by fleets for a short period of time. The heavier-duty 3500HD was sold exclusively to folks like the Secret Service.

    Only 10 of these heavy-duty Suburbans will be built in the next two years, though more are expected to be purchased later on—as many as 200 a year for the next nine years. A new body-on-frame platform and heftier suspension will be key in upping the vehicle's sturdiness and payload capacity, although GM says the "the body, exterior, propulsion, interior and brakes" will be made up of off the shelf parts.

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    if i could turn my suburban into a HD series.. i think i would....

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