The official "I'm addicted to Starcraft" thread

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by -Mr.Fridge, Sep 4, 2009.

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    Hello to all the drunk people out there!

    I have recently reinstalled Starcraft&Broodwar expansion and I must say, This game, even after allmost 4 years of not-playing it, is just TOO adictive!!

    I'm playing both standard FFA or Team-Play, and Use Map Settings, and it's just enjoyful! I can't stop playing! I have Halo wars on my XboX that I enjoy very much, and whichever other strategy game that came out since 1998 (!) and I still enjoy it! THAT is how games should be! Blizzard, you'r the best! ...just get a move on the next generation will ya? I meen, 11 years?! come on...!

    If you too have fallen under the CLAWS of starcraft, add you simpathy here ;)

    Oh, BTW, they say SC2 will come out in 2010, which mean we'll have it by 2034, about when DX10 will be obsulete bt DX2134 :-\

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