The Razer Enki gaming chair is the perfect mix of style and substance

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    Anybody who spends a decent amount on gaming will tell you: sometimes you gotta treat your tush. After all, there’s no point splurging on a quality gaming setup if you’re stuck sitting on an incredibly uncomfy dining chair.

    Razer hopes to rectify those woes with its new Enki gaming chair, and after ample time taking one for a spin ourselves, we can assure you they have very much succeeded.

    According to Razer, the Enki is designed for all-day-comfort, and thanks to the unit’s specialised shoulder arches and wide seat base we never encountered a single iota of discomfort during our testing. That’s also helped along by a great amount of cushioning in the seat pad. It’s not so stuffed that you sink like the Titanic, nor is it so firm that plonking yourself down is akin to hitting solid pavement – straddling that perfect middle ground we were hoping for.

    Then there’s the built-in lumbar arch which serves to keep your posture in check. While the Enki lacks the extra control of Razer’s pricier Iskur chair (which allowed you to adjust the specific depth of the support), the built-in arch is more than capable of keeping your ergonmics in check. It also avoids you having to worry about fidgeting with any annoying pillows like some competitors.

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