The Witcher 3 Sales See A 554% Boost In December 2019, Fueled By Netflix's Witcher Series

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    Netflix's Witcher series has been a hit in a number of ways, and that success has boosted all things Witcher. According to NPD analyst Sartori Bernbeck, Netflix's series manage to cause quite a bump in Witcher 3 game sales in Dec. 2019.

    “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was ported to the Nintendo Switch console in October 2019, just before the Netflix series premiered. These combined factors caused the game to have a strong surge in sales during Q4 2019. U.S. December physical sales for the game were 554% higher than December 2018. [And it was] still 63% higher even when excluding the Nintendo Switch platform.”
    Source: gonintendo

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