This Dude Fished An Anti-Tank Missile's Tail Section Out Of The English Channel

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    ATwitter user by the name @Nemo4Incognito posted a video supposedly showing himself fishing a piece of a missile out of the sea. Judging from the video, he found the tail section, which includes the motor, from a Next Generation Light Anti-Tank Weapon, also known as an NLAW.

    The caption accompanying the video states that the tail section was found in the ocean near the Lulworth Ranges, a live-fire practice range for tanks and other armored vehicles. While the individuals in the video are joking as they handle the missile component, touching any piece of an explosive military device, whatever its condition, is no laughing matter.

    The NLAW is a “fire-and-forget” short-range anti-tank missile system developed by Sweden's SAAB and the U.K.'s Thales Air Defence jointly for infantry use. The unique man-portable, shoulder-fired weapon is designed to be disposable, being capable of firing only once. SAAB claims that the NLAW is "unjammable" and can be deployed in only five seconds by a single soldier, day or night. The NLAW has a claimed range of 20–800 meters and fires a shaped charge designed to penetrate armored targets.

    Source: thedrive

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