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    Hello everyone!

    This is my first post here at these forums and I hope that I've posted this thread in the right section.
    I bought myself a new computer about two weeks ago. Mainly for games and movie making (I make movies using Vegas Video and so on) and for two days or so I thought everything was going fine, until it was time to install Counter-Strike.
    I hope that you are all familiar with that MOD, it's for Half-Life!
    Anyway, after about two days I installed Norton Anti-Virus just to be on the sure side that I don't have any viruses, well I had 4 of them and new ones are coming each day. I don't know from where either, I mean I've only downloaded stuff from official sites like; www.ati.com, www.winamp.com and so on.
    It's really strange.
    So I tried to remove as many as I could but I still think that there are a couple of them that Norton doesn't detect and that fucks up my computer, because it's really strange.
    Well, about 3 days after I bought it, I thought it was time to install Counter-Strike, since I love that game and play at a respectable high level.
    Now, this is where I found all the flaws and I got so scared because I don't know what's causing them or how to fix them. And it's a brand new computer.

    All the flaws in Counter-Strike:

    x I get some graphical faults in the textures, glitches.
    x Serious FPS Drops (my biggest problem)
    x The game doesn't run smoothly

    I guess the third one is connected to the second one. It's strange really, I get FPS drops from 100 to 50 and so on and then it REALLY starts to lag (latency).
    It's barely playable. :sigh:

    My flaws in Windows:

    x Runs a bit slow I believe
    x Winamp often fucks up and doesn't want to play a track and starts 3 winamps in task manager instead.
    x I get LOTS of viruses...

    My setups looks like this:

    P4 Intel 2.8GHz 800MHz bus
    ASUS P4P800 865PE
    512DDR 400MHz (going to get another 512 soon)
    Hercules 9800Pro 128MB
    Audigy 2
    Western Digital 200GB
    Windows 2000

    This setups is fairly good and shouldn't be lagging with Counter-Strike and so on.
    Well anyway, I've now decided to format my computer and re-install everything.
    But this time I want to tweak my windows to the max for better performance, my graphic card, my sound card... well anything that is tweakable and necessary. The computer will ONLY be used for; chatting, listening to music, Counter-Strike (important!!) and movie making (important!!).
    If you got tips/guides or opinions in what I could do to perfect the performance of my setup and make the FPS drops in Counter-Strike disappear, I would be truly grateful to you!

    If you need more information to help me out just ask! I'll be watching this thread all day, I really want to fix my comuter! :)
    And sorry for my lack of english! :rolleyes:

    Best Regards

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