Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online Steam Early Access

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    Ubisoft announces that Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Online is now available via Steam Early access in Canada, and word is the MMO third-person shooter will come to other territories in the spring, though it's not clear if this will be more early access or a full launch. Here's word:
    Today Ubisoft announced that Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Online® is coming to Steam™. Since its launch, the tactical 3rd person shooter has evolved significantly with the help of its four million registered users. Players contributed their time and feedback to improve and refine the unique gameplay and team experience provided by the game, which allowed Ubisoft Singapore to continue developing Ghost Recon Online to make it the polished game that players now experience. Steam Early Access kicks off today in Canada and the game will be available worldwide this spring.

    “Bringing Ghost Recon Online to Steam has been our goal since the game’s inception,” says Corey Facteau, Producer at Ubisoft. “We took the time necessary to reach a quality level that can go head to head with the best online games available today before releasing on Steam. As the top shooter for gamers who enjoy team gameplay, we have also seen our audience expand to include MOBA fans, who comprise fifty percent of our user base. To ensure a seamless transition to the new platform, we will use Early Access to fine tune the Ghost Recon Online experience before releasing it to the rest of the world.”

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    I'm playin' this game for a year and more. It is still in BETA stage and wtf, it is also pay2win! I mean, how they can charge for unfinished product??
    Free 2 play is until you reach 5 level (beginners only), 5+ level is unplayable if you don't have premium weapons and equipment which is not cheap at all.

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