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    Hello again,

    I am once again having issues using soundfonts to playback midi files with the kx audio midi synth driver. A few weeks ago I was having problems where certain instruments were muted completely during playback. I initially thought it had something to do with what track number the instrument was assigned to but I now realize that I was wrong. Oddly, for some reason after updating my motherboard BIOS the problem corrected itself for a short period of time, however I am now experiencing the problem again. I am convinced that the problem is either hardware or driver related. The problem persists no matter what program I use to playback the files.

    After screwing around with some of the files with midi editing software I noticed that if a track's volume is set to the max value 127 then that track will be completely muted. So I set the volume for each track that had a value of 127 to a lower value, saved and exported the file and it plays back fine with every program I have tried now. I am completely dumbfounded as to what's going on here but it's incredibly frustrating that this is the only fix I have come up with! I have thousands of midi files and there is no way I can edit and save every single one.

    Has anybody else ever experienced this problem? If so can you please tell me how to fix this! If not can any of you offer any kind of explanation as to what's going on? Why would a BIOS update temporarily fix this problem also?

    Thanks everybody!

    EDIT: I have discovered that if I uncheck the attenuation option in the settings/synth compatibility menu the muted tracks return during playback. However the volume for each track is all over the place! Some are incredibly loud to the point of sounding distorted and others you can barely hear at all.
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