Twitter might offer video content for users

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    I have heard rumours that Twitter will be allowing users to tweet their own videos, however the company have yet to confirm the idea. While this seems like a new thing, there are some other sites which allow users to post links to videos on their pages.

    Other reports indicate that they are also going to enhance the text based system to allow for more than 140 characters. Tweespeed who handle real time management stated that around 12,000 tweets are now sent every minute and by adding video to this it would create a huge amount of additional bandwidth which could cripple the server platform.

    The Daily Telegraph stated "Twitter's founders hope that adding live video-tweeting will help boost its prominence as a fashionable social networking tool again."

    Time will tell if the rumours are in anyway true, but the possibilities are endless. After all you could not only head to your friends page and read about their boring daily lives, but you could actually see them doing the boring things they are typing about. Technology really is an amazing thing.

    Allan Campbell: Heaven Media

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