Ubisoft Defend Anti-Piracy Techniques

Discussion in 'Gaming News Discussion' started by comp_ali, Jan 28, 2010.

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    I'll be perfectly honest, that's one of the most stupid things i've ever heard you say. As a matter of fact i know how to utilise steam in a way that allows you to play a game without buying it, However it involves heavy file modification and getting hold of a .CF or similair propietary type file as far as i remember which are damned near impossible to find.

    With Steam, you don't buy it, you don't play it.
    With this new activation method, You don't buy it, you can still play it because it will take about 30 second's worth of reverse engineering to get rid of the activation script.

    Go back to basics with CD Keys and just work on the technology, EA's keys are flawed because they basically use the same key with a different digit on the end.
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    This is a pretty stupid assumption. Once an external server is involved there are all sorts of validation techniques that can be employed that are difficult to crack. That's the whole value to ubi's solution. There are certain game systems that aren't even guaranteed to be stored on your computer. An inventory screen for example, might not be included in the game client you bought at all - it's stored on the server. Any time you pull up your inventory you're actually making a signed request to the server for it to send back what data is in your inventory, and the client just renders the results. Performing use, add, or remove operations on your inventory will require a trip to the server as well. Think of the last game you played with an inventory screen and how likely you are to enjoy it without access to that screen.

    That's what is genius about ubi's solution. There is the opportunity to move fundamental game logic completely off the client pc and into a secure server. This is a whole new level of security integrated directly into the game's core mechanics. No longer do you simply have to unlock the door to get to the game inside, you must now show a valid identification card at every turn once inside.

    I do think there will eventually be ways to pirate these games but it will involve pirates first reverse engineering ubisoft's backend servers as a service you run on your local machine, and then patching the game files to ignore the server validation during handshake and hit your machine instead of ubi's servers. Even with that in place, there is great (almost guaranteed) potential for the validation methods, keys, and techniques to change with each game. Plus you won't have any of the added value from the servers - remote saves, friend lists, achievements, etc. I can also guarantee that the more sophisticated the integration gets (server validates unlocking a door, drinking a health potion, talking to an NPC) the longer and longer it will take to pirate the game - potentially months. Each of those systems will need to be duplicated on the pirate's private server and the game data (what NPCs say for example) slowly drawn from the official ubi servers and saved.
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