Ubisoft issues takedown request of 'speculative' Nvidia database leak

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    Nvidia set gamer hopes alight earlier this month when a leaked GeForce Now database "revealed" games including Titanfall 3, a Half-Life 2 remaster, and a PC version of God of War. Nvidia quickly shot it all down, though, saying that the titles in question were speculative, for "internal tracking and testing." In all likelihood, in other words, developers needed placeholders to test various functionality and decided to have a little bit of fun with them.

    Using inside jokes for internal testing purposes is a risky business—there's a famous story about a local newspaper that was published with one of the filthiest "joke" paragraphs you can imagine that serves as an object lesson about the dangers of such things—but in this case, it all seemed relatively harmless: Nvidia explained the situation, 343 Industries told us (again) that Halo 5 is not coming to PC, and that was the end of it.

    But now the interest is picking up again thanks to Ubisoft, which issued a DMCA takedown notice to SteamDB operator Pavel Djundik, who had a copy of the list on Github. Djundik removed the list as requested, but of course multiple copies of the list were posted elsewhere on the site, with links quickly shared following Djundik's deletion.
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