Ubisoft Massive’s The Avatar Project is still in the works

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    The Avatar Project, the video game adaptation of the 2009 movie, is still happening over at Ubisoft’s Massive studio (via GameSpot).

    The official Avatar Twitter account broke the news that the production team have wrapped on the live-action filming for Avatar 2. They were also able to show off the Sea Dragon, a “massive mothership” that carries an “array of other sea-going craft in the sequels”. The first movie focused on aerial stunts and combat, so this is an interesting reveal for what fans will expect from the next adventure on Pandora.

    One fan asked for an update on The Avatar Project, the video game adaptation that was announced in 2017 but has maintained a low profile ever since. The account confirmed it’s “still being developed” and the studio is recruiting for various positions like AI programmer, animator, and development tester. Ubisoft Massive is pulling the strings, and the game will use The Division’s Snowdrop engine.
    Source: videogamer

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