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    Hi, I like the KX project drivers because overall I have better success with them when it come to some older games. I have a Sound Blaster !live platinum and the last Windows XP WMD drivers worked fine for most things but occasionally I would run across a problem the I believe was DirectX related where shortly after starting a game I would get loud scratchy distortion that would repetatively pulse. Sort of like this SKREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH!............SKREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEECH! and so on. Some of the games were Pro Race Driver, Silent Hunter 3 and Silent Hunter 4. I am just documenting this because I looked all over the web and there is not a whole lot of info on this. So overall like a said the KX drivers fixed this....but.....I now often have problems with games that use Openal like Unreal 3 or UFO: Afterlight. When using Openal sound rendering I have missing sounds in the games. I also have had many problems with Silent Hunter 4 where it seems that the voices speed up and slow down randomly which is evident by the change in pitch. I have also herd this in Unreal 3 with the voices (when the actually play like they are supposed to) so I assume this is all related. I have to use software sound rendering to overcome these problems usually but I wonder how much of a performance hit I am taking because of this. With mostly everything else the KX drivers work great. I do have on more issues there my TV card volume control doesn't work properly but I am willing to put up with that for the sake of better sound drivers in my games. So point is, is there any way to overcome these Openal problems. Is any of this related to EAX? Should I disable EAX all together? I only use 2 desktop speakers so surround sound is not an issue.
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