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Discussion in '3-D Audio' started by blackshard, Jan 28, 2005.

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    Hi all there.

    I was trying UT2K4, and found it funny.
    Tweaking the options I saw that it support hardware accelerated audio (without EAX), so I tried it.

    Well, it sounded well to my on the first approach, but there is something really weird that happens when I move my character.

    Practically some sounds get much louder when the character moves and much quieter when he's stopped.

    So decided to see what happens using kxMixer and its spectrum, and effectively saw that some channels got a volume jump when I moved, creating a really messy ambient.

    The audio engine is OpenAL based, and it is wrapped to Dsound using a default library from Creative Labs (!), but this isn't the problem since I updated this library with a newer one and the problem was the same.
    I also tweaked some UT2004.INI entries (BTW got 64 hardware channels) but none changed.

    It is a known problem, or it is a problem of mine?

    To Eugene: it is possible to see Dsound3d implementation source code? I'd like to improve by myself that code if necessary (and maybe give EAX contribution), but unfortunately I'm too busy to take it like a job. Giving source code may be a good starting point for anyone, isn't it?
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    sorry, 3-d source code is not yet available
    I'm unsure if it is ever released -- but things may change in the future

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