Unregistering DSP Plugins That I Made... How to?

Discussion in 'Effects and the DSP' started by Chriscpo, Dec 23, 2010.

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    Hi i have been trying to make some DSP plugins and also have edited a few DSP plugins.

    I have read the manual many times over in the process. I finally made a dual controlled volume control. Pretty simple, but it took me a few tries.

    during the process i messed some things up but all is good due to making a backup of individual kx components. Kx Mixer only settings Kx DSP only and imported them individually if i messed things up.

    Okay i made the two controls Stereo Volume control and generateed a GUID. Copied and pasted into plugin while in notepad. Then saved as "4STVOL.da"

    I am wondering when i change the GUID KX DSP asks if i want to unregister. I select yes but the Item is still listed in the DSP menu. How can i remove plugin from menu without resetting global settings or device settings through kx Mixer, as that seems to be the only way to remove.

    I'd like to be able to easily remove from menu as i am making small changes to each plugin and changing names ...ETc....

    Also if anyone wants this you can check out the plugin i made. This is a stable and very much tested version... basically eliminates the need to have two separate Stereo volume windows and eliminates the problem of switching between both. Integrates two High Quality Volume Controls X2 in one window.... etc...

    I have it set taking both signals of front and routing them through to headphones output which is actually the digital output putting out analog. soometimes also called subwoofer/center channel. I did make a plugin using only one input and two control outputs but the quality seemed to be reduced due to summing.

    Hopefully someone can answer my question on the DSP thing too...

    Heres the code for the 4stVol control... Copy and paste into notpad then save as "all files" "4STVOL.da" and save it in your System32 Dir then Use Right Click in DSP Register Effects and select "4STVOL.da" Then it whill appear in DSP.


    ; Generated by my crafty typing ability using Notpad
    name "4StVOL";
    copyright "By ChrisCpo - Copyright (c) Dec 2010";
    ; regardless the particular copyright notice is present in the dump , I made It... aNd of course that would not be possible without Eugene Gavrilov...
    engine "kX";
    created "December 19 2010";
    comment " 2 Stereo Volume Control in a Single Window... ";
    guid "011eb0a0-f4c5-45c7-9040-470de3b00589";
    ; Registers
        input inl;
        output outl;
        input inr;
        output outr;
        input inc;
        output outc;
        input ind;
        output outd;
        control Vol1=0x7fffffff
        control Vol2=0x7fffffff
    ; Code
         macs      outl,  0x0,  inl,  Vol1;
         macs      outr,  0x0,  inr,  Vol1;
         macs      outc,  0x0,  inc,  Vol2;
         macs      outd,  0x0,  ind,  Vol2;

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    to delete ... look for the plugin's GUID in the registry and delete those entries (in HKCU/Software/kX/Plugins)
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    Also, you can create a .reg file to do it for you...

    e.g. (unregister plugin and remove it's presets)
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    ; Reg file to unregister 4StVOL

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