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    The Vegas suite is nothing new, it exists as "regular" and pro versions for many years. They were bought up by Magix few years ago as Sony decided to sell it.

    Not the best, but ok.

    A couple of releases and we reached the point where the latest version of the Vegas suite (not the pro) which is version 17, received a new version! Version 18!
    So you want to upgrade to version 18, you even receive a pop up window when you open the software to send you to their site to upgrade to 18 for a low low price!

    All good?

    Not exactly. you start looking at the site selling you the upgrade. Hmm, it looks a bit half arsed compared to previous upgrades. Very little actual information, very little, what info there is lacks the usual details. Even the few screenshots and videos have almost no shots of the actual program in use. What little there is, doesn't look like Vegas. I wonder why.

    Oh yes, because it is NOT Vegas. Magix for years have their own other product, Magix Movie Edit Pro or whatever it is called. A very....user friendly, yes let's go with that, editing software. So here is what Magix did. Cancelled the Vegas product, renamed Magix Movie Edit Pro to Movie Studio 18, and are selling what is basically Magix Movie Edit Pro 2021, as the upgrade (version 18) of Vegas Movie Studio 17.

    I want to throw up.

    The Vegas Pro remains untouched with the proper version reaching 19, but if that will remain as is for long is as good as a guess as any.

    I want to throw up.

    Pissed off.

    EDIT: Here is a good video about it. Not my video.

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    Well, there goes another (reasonably) good product down the drain :'(...

    Thought Magix would actually boost up the quality of the product... this was probably all planned from the beginning of the purchase - buy Vegas, make a few major releases, try to convince everyone to switch to our own product... not the best tactic, but it does work from time to time.

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