Very odd error involving SETUPAPI.DLL MIDI and KX

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by tdmusic, May 27, 2003.

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    First off, this will be of no interest to those of you who do not code, I don't think, so I am sorry :)

    OK.. This is a long one, and an odd one, judging from the fact that I could find nothing simliar in an hour or so's trawling through the internet. My initial conclusion was that it's nothing to do with KX, but (indirectly) it would appear to be.

    I'll try to cover what is happening as well as I can.. The first time I saw this error was after installing Nuendo 1.5 (cracked, I must admit), and despite fully removing Nuendo, I can't get rid of it.

    This only happens when: loading Nuendo, loading Sonic Foundry Acid Pro 3.0, accessing the "MIDI Input" options on Winamp, or when DXDiag reaches the DirectMusic portion of its initial testing - no other music app's show the same error. The error is as follows: I get a dialog box stating:

    "SETUPAPI.DLL" "Assertation failure at line 3591 in file D:\nt\private\windows\setup\setupapi\diutil.c: DeviceInterfaceName[0] == TEXT('\\') Call DebugBreak()" "Yes / No".

    It seems to make no difference whether I press Yes or No, but on clicking one or the other, I get about 30 or more of the boxes, with the DeviceInterfaceName[x] number going from 0 to 4 (I think), and the line number going up to 3597. Occasionally it changes to:

    "Assertation failure at line 3591 in file D:\nt\private\windows\setup\setupapi\diutil.c: DeviceInterfaceName[2] == TEXT('?')) || (DeviceInterfaceName[2] == TEXT ('.'))".

    Once I've said No to all of the boxes that come up, the program seems to run perfectly. This is really as much info about the error as I can come up with. However, I have some more comments:

    - At first, I thought this error was caused by Nuendo, so I removed it, but no fix. I then presumed it to be a DirectX problem, so I eraddicated DirectX entiretly and downloaded the latest version, but still the very same problem.

    - I didn't think the problem had anything to do with KX, as I reverted to 3527 and the error remained, but just now I tried going back to APSLive 1.83 and voila, no more error. So it seems to me that it is some function called by KX, which has somehow become f***ed up on my PC.

    - I've tried restoring SETUPAPI.DLL from my Windows CAB's.. no fix.

    - I tried to analyse the error using W32DASM debugger, and Dependancy Walker, but I don't really know what to look for, and couldn't draw anything really helpful from this. However, I have the tools, so I'd be willing to dig deeper if someone can assist.

    - It seems to almost certainly be related to initialising MIDI.. as it occurs when I call the Winamp MIDI settings box (although WinAmp still plays MID's fine).

    Hmm.. from here on in, I really don't know what else to think. To be honest, I am not hopeful, it looks like I am going to have to stick to APSLive :( which sucks, or reformat, which isn't really an option ATM. Unless it would be possible to identify what function is being called to cause this problem, and to patch it out of whatever DLL? (as it is seemingly doing nothing important!).

    I am hoping one of you experienced with Windows coding will be able to shed some additional light on this..

    Many thanks,


    FYI, my card is a SB Live 1024 Value. I don't have the KX info dump at the min, as I'm running APSLive (ACID is kinda important), but I can get them if it would help.

    aol: tdmusic2k1
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    perhaps, some part of the registry became corrupt
    full re-install is recommended


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