Volt Mod memory/core Radeon 8500 or just Mhz OC-ing ???

Discussion in 'Overclocking, Benching & Modding' started by Spookstah, May 19, 2002.

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    As i did read at several websites/forums a ATI retail 8500 has higher voltage then OEM`s or clones and if you wanted to overclock your 8500 the best thing whas/is to mod your voltages to get better results.

    The Retails (should) have 1.75 Core voltage and 3.65 memory voltage, so i decided to check the voltages of my Club3d 8500 (standard running at: mem 239.5Mhz, core 249.5Mhz) and the results where: Memory 3.30V (DOS) , 3.27V (Windows) and Core 1.50V (DOS and Windows).

    So i decided to pencil mod the card to see how high i could go and still keep the card running "normaly", i did start with modding the Core voltage.
    Most guides on inet say you have to remove the card from your pc to mod it, but thats for sissy`s :) so i did keep the pc on while running a artifact tester, i did pencil the core to 1.65V but couldnt get more graphite on it to get the voltage to 1.75V so i went on to pencil the memory.
    But when i did pencil the memory i almost immediatly did get artifacts, 3.45V really whas the maximum i could get and even then i did see some artifacts.

    After this i did check my crads memory and found out that the Club3d 8500 doesnt have 3.3ns memory but it has 4ns memory.

    So what do you guys think, is the 4ns memory the problem and should i stick to "normal" Mhz overclocking or should i glue some coolers on my memory and try volt modding it again.
    Or maybe the Club3d is a crappy card anyway for overclocking?

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