Watercooling - worth it?

Discussion in 'Overclocking, Benching & Modding' started by Takaharu, Jun 6, 2011.

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    Overclocking as much as I do, watercooling was a great thing for me. My PC is in an Antec DarkFleet and is silent with all fans on low speed. I watercooled for the low noise. The thing still heats up my room just as badly but at least I don't have to listen to it while it does it.

    Not to mention that watercooling just looks cool (side benefit ;))

    The side effect is cost. It is definitely expensive to run a liquid setup I don't deny that at all. If you can get the temps under control using fans without it being too noisy I would go that route honestly.
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    did you sort this? I see your case has air filters attached to the bottom fans. When was the last time they were taken off and cleaned? could they be blocked up? I know my brothers case has filters on the front of it and they looked like they had been used on a vacuum cleaner. lol

    Also, have you thought about a Corsair H50 water cooler? or perhaps the model up with the two 'push-pull' fans ?

    Its a simple set up, and works a treat. my idle temps are less than 30" Deg C on the cpu at the moment.

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