Weirdest thing ever*

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    *At least today.
    Got a new phone, Android based.
    Trying to sign in my google account, nothing, keep getting error messages. This email and password do not combine or whatever. Searched for hours online trying to find a solution.
    The password and email were correct. To the point I went to one of my computers and copy and paste the password from the browser to a text file and then copied the file to the phone and copied and pasted the password where I was supposed to. Still same error.
    So, the password was correct, the email was correct, yet nothing.
    Weird Weird.

    One of the letters in the password was the letter L (but not in caps). Something made me test it. I copied (PC) the letter and pasted in google search. It was indeed the letter L in small. Regardless, I went to the sign in screen on my phone and instead of that, I typed the capital I (as in I can't believe it worked) And it worked.....So, according to my computers, the backup files and the password saved in the browser, that letter is the small L. I even signed in google from a PC browser that I never signed in before, to make sure it works and it worked, with the small L. Yet I can only sign in on my phone if I change the small L to a capital i.

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