Went from X-Fi Titanium PCIe to Sound Blaster Z... and regret it!

Discussion in 'PAX Drivers' started by r9800pro, Feb 28, 2014.

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    I've had X-Fi Titanium PCIe for a few years and been very happy with it. Recently I decided to upgrade although I knew I may not hear a huge difference because of my 14 years old Cambridge Soundworks DTT3500 Digital speakers.

    I received the new Sound Blaster Z yesterday and I couldn't hear much of a difference indeed BUT I found out that it was a DOWNGRADE rather than an upgrade and here is why:

    1-Only 5.1 analog output vs 7.1 on the X-Fi (I knew about it but thought audio quality upgrade would compensate)

    2-No Bass/Treble Tone control: This was critical for me because I always set Bass to 0%, Subwoofer Level to 100%, Bass Redirection Enabled and Crossover frequency to 80Hz and I can't get the same levels with the SB Z using the EQ. Its bass is either too low or too high. Why would Creative do that is beyond me !

    3-No Stereo Xpand. SBX Pro Studio sucks for music

    4-No EAX effects. Yeah, Creative, the creator of EAX that spent many years convincing us of how awesome it is suddenly says it is not good and ditch it.
    I don't use EAX effects with my speakers but always use it with my Roccat Kave 5.1 headphones to get a better channel separation and sound stage.

    5-No different modes for Entertainment, Games and Audio Creation: maybe it is not needed anymore but still it was nice to find so many features.

    I would like to hear some suggestions, maybe there are some fixes for these issues before I give up and sell the SB Z and keep my X-Fi Titanium PCIe.

    Any way to implement same Treble/Bass Tone control like the X-Fi with PAX drivers ?
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    Hi I don't think I can don't have tools do so anyway. Your welcome try the driver set :)

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