Will EA learn anything from the success of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order? - article

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    I’ve been a gamer for many years, just as EA has been a games publisher for many years. Lately, the two of us haven’t really seen eye-to-eye. By looking around the internet, I get the feeling that’s true for a lot of folks, who all complain about EA’s overbearing commitment to live service games and the pursuit of profits over anything else. Still, many of EA’s games seem to sell really well, particularly its various sports games, which all appear at least somewhat insulated from the outrage surrounding loot boxes and microtransactions in games that cost $60 up front.

    I have not been shy about my disdain for triple A games publishers and their mentality when it comes to monetizing games beyond that initial purchase. Electronic Arts has been one of the worst offenders, calling loot boxes “surprise mechanics” at one point and turning nearly every recent game in its lineup into live service titles that mostly just serve as a vehicle for microtransactions.

    Electronic Arts seemed destined to continue on this path of monetization on top of monetization while consumers continued to buy up its games, but then something amazing happened. EA took things a step too far with Star Wars: Battlefront 2’s aggressive loot boxes and players actually started to push back. Players got angry, and suddenly it seemed that EA didn’t like the idea of being on the wrong side of outrage regarding its contract for the very lucrative Star Wars license.
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