Windows 7 and 8.x to Pro Upgrade no longer available

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    As of Today, october 30th 2015.... while the specific article pertains to windows 8, i've been able to confirm that it also applies to windows 7 (least on the machine i have here and 2 other people i called) that the anytime upgrade option is no longer valid/usable.


    The reason I found out about this, is due to the fact that today, precisely, they needed a feature added to their existing windows home edition that is only available in windows pro. Having gone through this before, i said it's fairly simple/easy solution and a few clicks and done. Suffice it to say, the anytime upgrade doesn't take you to the page that states you can't do it, it instead keeps telling the user that "this is not available in your region" which frankly is not helpful. After doing a lot of researching into this issue, I not only came across the page that i linked above, but the method in which you can do this.

    1: No matter what you do, if you cannot find a physical "windows X Pro or Windows X Pro Upgrade" disk and it's product key, you're essentially screwed, as you won't be able to upgrade to pro on that version of windows. Digital distribution of the Upgrade or Full version "pro" has been halted it appears, you may get lucky but be cautious.

    2: The only viable option if you cannot get a genuine Pro key to activate and upgrade an existing copy, is to proceed with the upgrade install of windows 10 home... after which you can go to "start~>Settings~>Update & Security~>Activation... Within this are there is a "store" button, to which the microsoft Home to Pro upgrade store page is displayed, in the states it appears to be $99 and in canada it appears to be $139. You "should" be able to then purchase this upgrade and it should automatically activate which should automatically enable the functions, a restart is likely to be necessary usually.

    So just an FYI for anyone having a freak out trying to figure out why they cannot seem to upgrade from Home to Pro versions of windows 8.x or windows 7, this is why.

    Personally, while i don't have a problem with windows 10, i do think it's fairly foolish and poorly implemented and NEEDS to be better handled. There are a few people that for legitimate reasons, shouldn't be required this soon to upgrade to windows 10... as much as i've been pushing it.

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