Windows 7 works but XP doesn't???

Discussion in 'Windows & Other OS Discussion & Support' started by Geminiwave, May 13, 2009.

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    So I had been running windows XP for quite some time now. I have an Opteron 165 with 1gb of DDR ram and a 7600GT. After awhile weird things happened that would lock the computer up. No reboot, no BSOD, just a frozen screen. It almost always happened with Itunes and my iphone, but it also happened a few other times. I assumed the hardware was toast. I tried reinstalling windows but it would repeat over and over again.

    Then I got windows 7. I thought about installing it on my screwed up PC since it wouldnt matter if windows 7 was crazy horrible. Here is the kicker though: it won't crash. It runs beautifully. I keep putting it through the ringer and it is working like I remember it use to work. It is smooth and fast and stable.

    I'm a bit afraid though. I thought it must be a hardware problem before, but how can I be sure that it isn't? I would really love to upgrade the ram and buy some new games.
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    welcome back gemini....

    sounds like the same results of what Windows ME would present.....

    aside from running memtest... .cpu burns.. and the lot.... there really isn't much when it comes to intermitent issues..

    i mean you could sit down and figure out which driver might be messing things up.... go it slow over multiple days kind of deal...

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