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    Doom is where we were born
    So Doom is where we will die

    I rely on those that condemn me
    Not for reasons of self pity

    I have no place else left
    There is no other place

    Why and How
    Where and When

    I could do it, but I have no idea How
    My problems start and begin in the same place

    I'm losing and probably have lost all self respect understanding and control
    I believed in this world and that is how

    I was put here by recommendation
    Though a living choice I did not face

    Things have changed since and I have changed, but
    Those around me my family my friends and colleagues
    Haven't changed at all for me

    This world will fall I will be waiting

    Time is running out There is no escape anymore

    Suicide Is my end I have seen it
    I told them that and they didn't not know it

    What else can I do except except this way as it is
    There is no turning back

    There's no where to go
    I will fail and die

    Goodbye to anyone that ever "glanced" by my way
    That way didn't die though

    It is waiting to be reborn
    Waiting inside me

    Time should heal the wounds, but faith has no place in this world
    Numbness inside surrounds and confounds me

    My mind
    My body
    My spirit and my soul

    I've tried so hard to work with it, but without acceptance there is no hope

    So to "everyone" who doesn't care
    Here's one last rant to laugh yourselves to sleep tonight

    Think about the ones that suffer who share no delight

    Because there is NONE:confused:
    Aaaawwwwe I'm just kidding! NOT
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