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Discussion in '3-D Audio' started by daniloreis, May 14, 2009.

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    Hi Folks!
    I have a SBLIVE 10k1 and a realtek 883... and after knowing about X-fi MB (eax for realtek cards) that daniel_K (the famous daniel_k hehe) hacked, i was hoping to get it working! So i installed the driver... and it worked! My games now support EAX 2/3/4/5 (but i dunno if it is really working... i can hear some reverbs that dont seem to be there in miles 2d.. maybe placebo effect? dunno!) but i dont have a 5.1 system to try.

    Good enough? For my pleasure... when i set EAX 2/3/4/5 using kx.. it works too!!! Can someone with a 5.1 system try it to tell us if there is true surround? if audio effects are really there?

    Here is how i did it:
    - Installed kx x64 alpha (yes! i use vista64)
    - Installed daniel_k realtek driver
    - Installed Creative X-FI MB package (daniel_k hacked i guess) -- it's a 30 day trial!
    - Set my games on Alchemy, and it's all!

    Thanks once again, E! And I hope some reply to this thread hehe

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