Xbox Series X Orders Placed By Scalpers Cancelled By UK Retailer Very

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    It’s hard enough trying to get your hands on either an Xbox Series X, Series S or PS5 at the moment, without having to compete with scalper groups who are looking to make a quick buck. These groups help users to use bots that skip online queues, giving them an advantage when purchasing next-gen consoles, and other in-demand items, ahead of wanting consumers, which they then flip for a big profit.

    Over the weekend, one such group, who had already bagged over 3500 PS5’s to sell for a profit, claimed they had got their hands on more than 1000 Xbox Series X consoles. Unfortunately for those people, in a spate of karmic justice, those orders have now been cancelled, with the UK retailer they were purchased through claiming the orders only went through due to a “technical error”.
    Source: Dualshockers

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