Xiaomi is now the world's second biggest smartphone maker, neck and neck with Samsung

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    All of the other Chinese smartphone brands have benefited from Huawei's international demise (except Honor), but none more than Xiaomi, and today's news comes to confirm this fact yet again.

    According to Canalys, in the second quarter of 2021, Xiaomi was the second biggest smartphone maker globally in terms of sales.

    As you can see, Samsung is still No.1 with 19% market share, although Xiaomi is really breathing down its neck at this point with its 17% cut.

    Xiaomi's shipments increased more than 300% in Latin America, 150% in Africa, and 50% in Western Europe. That said, its average sales price per unit is still 40% less than that of Samsung and 75% less when compared to Apple, although the company has recently launched more premium (read: more expensive) devices and is clearly hoping to drive that number up in the future.

    Canalys says Xiaomi's objective should be to grow sales of its top of the line phones like the Mi 11 Ultra, but it might prove challenging since Oppo and vivo have practically the exact same goal, and unlike Xiaomi, they seem to be willing to spend much more on conventional marketing.

    If its growth continues at a steady pace, Xiaomi may very well overtake Samsung and become the world's No.1 smartphone vendor in due course. Apple is at 14% currently, while Oppo and vivo each have 10% with great growth as well - though nothing that compares to Xiaomi's 83% over Q2 2020.

    Source: gsmarena
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    I wonder if the US will try to make it go Hua-way.
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