XP Start Up Blank Screen NVIDIA Video Issues

Discussion in 'NVIDIA Graphics Cards' started by manix2006, Jan 20, 2006.

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    HI Guys,

    Lets start from the top. COmputer crashed a couple of days ago just after installing new memory. Memory seemed to register with no problem and did not give any problems since. However upon sending MS an error report, they took my browser to one of their reccomended actions pages.

    It said my NVIDIA drivers had suffered a major error, and I should install the latest drivers.

    I did this (they were the latest from NVIDIA for WIN XP) and my computer restarted in a terrible 4bit resoulution. I went to my Display settings and diabled the NVIDIA adapter and my screen went back to full res. RESULT!

    Well maybe not, this is where the problems start! I tried running Republic: The Revolution, and it said my 3D adapters were missing and the game ran really slowly!

    OK not sure what to do at this point, so first stop, the good old restart! Nope this time the computer starts XP, goes past the XP loading screen and then goes blank. Not a sausage! This happens everytime now. Cannot see a thing. I think Windows has booted OK, but there is nothing coming up on the screen.

    I have tried the following things:

    - Different monitor (nope!)
    - Booting in SAFE mode, to adjust and reinstall the drivers. Computer won't go past the point where it lists all the drivers, it just stops on the list.
    - Booting using the installation disc and repairing the current XP installation. Nope this does not change it either.
    - Removing the RAM upgrade. Nope nothing!

    PLease, please someone help. Not sure what to do. Why can't I boot in SAFE mode? Why has my computer gone so crazey! Short of a complete reinstall, not sure what I can do!

    It is a HP Pavillion 9715 - with 576MB RAM, 20GB hard Drive running XP home. NVIDIA GEOFORCE2 MX 32MB dedicated video card.

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    look for an older set of drivers, like the forceware 60 series, or so.

    And when you first boot after driver isntall, it will be fugly, just go to diplay properties and change it to 32bit and your resolution

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