XP upgrade to Windows 7 difficult? help is at hand

Discussion in 'News Discussion' started by HardwareHeaven, Oct 15, 2009.

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    Well I can't say I have tested this myself but I found an article on the Wall Street Journal rather interesting this morning. The writer claims that upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7 is 'particularly daunting' because it requires the computers hard drive to be wiped first. Basically it performs a 'clean' install which I would assume most of our regulars would use anyway.

    He however goes on to state that there is a $15 program available from Laplink Software called PCmover Windows7 upgrade assistant. This application apparently saves programs, files and settings on the computer in a place that will not be affected by the installation of Windows. He goes on to state that "The company uses the analogy of a moving van to load up your computer's information, storing it locally until it can be unloaded again on the same PC with a new operating system."

    The writer then tested the application on his Acer Aspire One netbook which was running windows XP. It took him two hours to perform the new installation of Windows 7 which is a three part process of installing the Upgrade Assistant, installing Windows 7 and then reinstalling the PCmover program to get access to the files.

    Interestingly he said it wasn't entirely plain sailing however as he had to fix some programs such as Itunes so 'it opened in Windows 7'. It doesn't really detail what he had to do however so I am guessing he basically had to reinstall it to set up permissions.

    Are you on Windows XP? If you have tried to move to Windows 7 as an upgrade and ran into issues, let us know.

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    On Xp but didn't move to Win 7 , dont worry I will call you when I have an issue :p

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