XPDM drivers on a Vista PC

Discussion in 'NVIDIA Graphics Cards' started by jeffopus, Mar 9, 2009.

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    I thought I might ask here before giving this a try, would I be ble to run many games using NVIDIA Windows XP Drivers on a Windows Vista PC?

    I am trying to use a program called MaxiVista and it requires XPDM drivers for the primary computer and can use either XP or Vista drivers for the secondary PC and monitor. The program creates a virtual secondary monitor over a network but I wanted to find out how much I would be sacrificing using XP drivers on my Vista pC.

    I am not going to be doing this full time, this is only a test of the emerg, opps, got lost there. I am reviewing the MaxiVista and wanted to find out from some experts about downgrading my drivers and see if anyone has doen this or knows much about it.


    Jeff Gedgaud

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