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    I recently just found out that in the 67.66 driver the 3Dc compression support was broken. It is now fixed and working 100% in this release. The only thing that changed between the 67.66 and the 67.66a was the fix for 3Dc here are the 67.66 release notes.

    Release Notes:

    Installer Allows you to choose from 5 Differant Quality/Performance modes

    NV4x High Quality (Warning will may cause performance drops)
    NV4x Quality (Normal Xtreme G Drivers tweaked for Performance/Quality)
    NV4x Performance (Tweaked for Performance)
    NV3x Quality (Normal Xtreme G Drivers tweaked for Performance/Quality)
    NV3x Performance (Tweaked for Performance)

    Supports a Wide Variety of Compatability modes to provide the best Compatability Never before seen in a Nvidia driver. Supported Compatability Modes:

    Includes Many Instruction sets to bring the full potential out of your cpu

    Instruction Sets Include:

    Also Supports:
    -PS 3.0(NV4x)
    -DXT5 Texture Compression
    -3Dc Texture Compression
    -Texture Sharpening Enabled
    -And Many more Tweaks to increase Performance and Quality.

    The driver can be downloaded here

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