Your New BMW Might Not Have A Touchscreen

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    BMW is shipping new cars with its infotainment system, like normal, except several models won’t have touchscreen functionality, according to reports. Instead, you’ll have to use BMW’s iDrive control in the center console. The horror!

    I joke, but Autoblog got confirmation from BMW on the following:

    Certain models are going to lose their touchscreen functionality to save silicon and allow BMW to maintain its current production levels. The news broke on the Bimmerfest forum, but BMW has since confirmed it to both Edmunds and us.

    The following models are going to be shipped without touchscreen functionality.
    • BMW 3 Series
    • BMW 4 Series Coupe, Convertible and Gran Coupe (excluding the i4)
    • BMW X5
    • BMW X6
    • BMW X7
    • BMW Z4
    Source: jalopnik

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